It is a complex contract for financing loss 

At BSMW, we are refreshingly different. We cover you properly. With a world full of risk, business owners and individuals need to understand what risks they are susceptible to and only then make an educated choice regarding the purchase of insurance. Many consumers buy insurance without understanding risk and are therefore more apt to make incorrect decisions. Often, consumers do not receive a proper explanation of what their insurance policy covers, but more importantly, does not cover.


We answer the phone. We are dedicated to Customer Service. Our determination to know our customers and offer them superior service means that you will be able to talk to a real person when you call.


We understand Insurance Products. Insurance is our specialty. Our Customer Service staff and our Sales Representatives are very skilled insurance technicians, who will become intimately familiar with all facets of your personal or business insurance needs, make proper recommendations and provide you with a full understanding of the intricacies of the insurance products that you finally select.


We are responsive. In certain instances, you need documentation almost instantaneously, and we recognize that. When you request, for example an Insurance Certificate, or a change in address, a loss payable etc., we make certain that you receive it the same day. This concept and commitment to be responsive, prevails through all aspects of our agency operations.


The changing market place. We remain in contact with our Insurance carriers, which enables us to keep you appraised of changes in the industry.


Education. We foster an environment in which continuing education flourishes. This allows us to continue to make appropriate recommendations to you.


Helping Manage Your Risk. We are capable of providing a full risk managed approach to your account. This will lead to the creation of your risk management manual, a cohesive collection of bound documents covering all aspects of risk, whether property, liability, income, or personal, and the techniques selected to manage them.