Closing up the Cottage for the Winter

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The days are getting shorter, while the nights are getting chillier. Your air conditioner slowly becomes obsolete. Turning on your heat is soon an idea you welcome with open arms. The time has come – the summer warmth is officially coming to an end. For many cottagers, this means the time is just around the corner when you say goodbye to your seasonal home for another winter. 

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Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties

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When hosting holiday dinner parties and family gatherings over the holidays, we all know there can be a lot of pressure to make it a success. We tend to make it a priority to make sure our guests are happy and well-fed. Furthermore, we want them to be safe. Accidents happen, we’ve all been there. But unexpected accidents involving guests in your home can come with consequences. These consequences can include being held liable for accidents that occur inside your home, as well as accidents that take place after a guest leaves your property.

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Accident Benefit Changes - Effective June 1st

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Effective June 1st, in an effort to make premiums more affordable, there will be significant changes made to new and existing automobile insurance policies across Ontario. These changes will primarily affect your accident benefits - standard premiums will be more affordable, however, there will be significant reductions and eliminations to some limits and coverages. Keep reading to ensure you have all the coverage you need. 

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Tips for a Safe and Successful Garage Sale

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Spring cleaning – some people look forward to it, others… not so much. But if you plan on hosting a garage sale, there are some precautions everyone should keep in mind. Once you take on the role of vendor, you also become legally responsible for the products you are selling. To prevent any liabilities or chance of harm to your consumer, you must ensure you are only selling products that are in good condition and meet current regulations.

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