Employee Benefits

Give Your Employee Benefits Plan Another Look

Employees are a company’s greatest asset.  A well-designed employee benefits plan can be a powerful tool for employers to attract, to motivate & to retain quality employees.  A benefits plan also can also be one of the most efficient ways to reward employees, saving money on taxes & payroll deductions for both the employee and the employer.

At BSMW, we help employers craft a more effective, more efficient and more exciting benefits plan they can get anywhere else.

In recent years benefit programs have been subject to increasing costs resulting from the downloading of provincial healthcare costs to private plans, as well as fantastic - but incredibly expensive - new drugs.  Now more than ever, employers are faced with the challenge of ensuring their benefit plan is relevant to employees while remaining affordable for the company.

If your benefits plan is growing strain on your company’s budget without clear value for your employees, BSMW can help.

Our expertise includes:

  • Second opinion renewal analysis

  • Full marketing studies to obtain competitive quotes

  • Strategic plan design & sustainable cost containment

  • Tax effectiveness planning

  • Administrative support & plan implementation

  • Funding model review (insured, ASO, retention, Spending Accounts)

  • Complex Claims resolution

  • Executive benefit planning

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

  • Group Retirement Solutions

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