About Us

Our History:

Barber Stewart McVittie and Wallace Insurance Brokers Limited is one of Canada’s longest standing brokerages with documented history dating back to early 1880. The brokerage has grown and evolved with the development of the insurance industry in Canada as we know it today. 

The BSMW we know today is as a result of organic growth and a number of purchases and mergers over the last 100+ years. In 1967, the corporation became Barber Stewart Limited after the merger of .R.A. Barber Limited and the Walter Stewart Agency of East York. 

In 1968, the brokerage merged with Henry McWilliams and Wallace Limited, which was formed as a result of many acquisitions including the purchase of W.A. Lee & Son Limited, a brokerage doing business as early as 1880. Following the merger in 1968, the brokerage was known as Barber, Stewart, McWilliams and Wallace. In 1975, the brokerage merged with the R. D. McVittie Agency, and the brokerage was renamed as Barber, Stewart, McVittie and Wallace Insurance Brokers Ltd. (BSMW). 

Barber Stewart McVittie and Wallace Insurance Brokers Ltd. became known for it’s unparalleled insurance expertise with the knowledge and experience to develop it’s own home insurance product and develop it’s own wordings for multiple personal lines and commercial businesses.

In 2013, BSMW began a new journey blending industry leading expertise with state of the art technology to allow the company to continue to be a leader in the industry for years to come.


Our Staff:

The staff at Barber Stewart McVittie and Wallace Insurance Brokers Ltd., are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our team strives for excellence and perseveres for our clients and their best interests. We pride ourselves on being able to educate our clients on the best ways of limiting their exposure and protecting themselves in everyday situations.

We listen to individual needs and plan accordingly. We ensure clients understand what has been suggested and help to review options that are presented.

We enjoy offering exceptional personal service; we meet with clients in person and take the time needed to make a difference.

The BSMW Culture:

The corporate culture of Barber Stewart McVittie and Wallace Insurance Brokers Limited, starts with our core values:

Strength - we have the knowledge and resources for any size client

Honesty - transparency in all aspects of our work

Integrity - doing right by our clients, staff, and peers

Our firm is forward thinking while keeping one foot in the past. We know where we have been and know where we need to go in the future to be one step ahead of our clients' expectations.